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The Lab at FINesse

If Mumbaikars can’t come to the Financial Inclusion Lab at Bengaluru, then the lab has to go to the Mumbaikars. Usually our marketing team gets in touch with us when someone wants to see the lab in action. This time, they approached us with a different request. FIS was organizing the first edition of FIS FINesse that was to be attended by some 200 senior bankers including ten CXOs from reputed financial institutions. The challenge was to take the lab to Mumbai. It was an offer that we couldn’t refuse. We decided to do a Virtual Reality shoot of our lab. The team from VR Studios did a fantastic job giving a near-real experience of being in the lab.

Ankit Kumar from Emerging Technologies team and I flew down to Mumbai on November 8th to man the Financial Inclusion Lab booth. Emerging Technologies(EmTech) team is our in-house R&D partner. EmTech team worked with us and utilized APIs from an exciting startup we work with to build a voice banking app in Hindi. This app was the darling of everyone’s eyes that evening at Taj Land’s End in Bandra. You could ask the app, “Behenji, mere mobile main paune-do-so rupaiye recharge karado” and the nice lady asked you details like your operator, phone number and recharge amount, all in Hindi, before getting the job done for you. But that was not all. Ankit also demonstrated banking using text chatbots developed by the EmTech team at FIS.

We ended the day with some 150 senior bankers visiting our booth to take a virtual tour of the lab. If you think you missed all the action, ask us how the lab can come to you!

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