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Volunteers Onboarded

We move fast. The batch of volunteers who will do some serious development work for 2018 was finalized last week. We received an overwhelming response from a multitude of FISians who wanted to volunteer with us. Within a week, we shortlisted candidates and onboarded them to projects of their choice.

How did we decide what projects to open up in tranche one of our experiment? The lab’s management council held discussions with a diverse set of people. For example, we got in touch with Sujay Dutta from the Emerging Technologies team at FIS. Sujay told us about some exciting things his team was doing in the emerging tech field. Sujay, John Cooney, Balakrishnan Ramasamy, Ankit Kumar and Krishna Pujar are bunch of people who put their hands into anything that is cool and unexplored. Technology by itself, can take us only so far. You can have the most awesome thing built, but if it does not have the potential to touch lives of the financially underserved, it doesn’t really excite us here at the Labs. So, we opened a parallel thread and got in touch with the domain experts. Harish Prasad, Vice President – Banking and Payments and Anirudh Raghavendra who heads pre-sales function, were only too pleased to spare some a lot of time for the Lab. Both of them deal with a lot of our customers in the Indian market and understand what Bharat needs. Others from the business jumped in to contribute as well; including Madhusudhan Narayan, Karthik Raman and Ramaswamy Venkatachalam.

The current set of 2018 projects that we will be assigning our champions to –
• Field Agent Monitoring Dashboard
• Financial Literacy App
• Cardless Cash withdrawals from ATM
• Facial Authentication on an ATM
• Voice banking in Indian regional languages

Watch this space for updates to see what’s happening with these projects!

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